About Livecraft

Livecraft – Online Since 2011!

Livecraft is a survival, free build, and creative server which has been online since mid-2011. We went online for the first time when Minecraft beta 1.7.3 had been released, and we had a very small user base. Since then, we have graduated to become a dedicated server with a very active and kind community. Livecraft isn’t just about building, it’s about socializing. On Livecraft, you will find that it is truly about building with others and sharing experiences with many players. Many develop friendships, while some choose to stick with building. It’s your experience, make it what you want.

Livecraft is proud to feature a suite of plugins to secure the builds and items that players have. We use LWC, NoCheat, Prism, MCBans, WorldGuard, and VanishNoPacket to make sure our players are safe, whether or not they know it. All griefing is rolled back as soon as it discovered and players who grief will be banned. Our staff are active and we make sure to only select the most fitting staff for managing the server. Never again get banned for no reason!

Additionally, Livecraft is proudly home hosted. All of this is ran at home, no hosting service is used at all. This ensures that if the server encounters any problems, it can be fixed as soon as possible by the maintainer of the server’s hardware. This person is known in-game as alfonsjon, but you can call him Jon. If you ever have problems with the server, you are free to email him at [email protected] Do note, however, that this email is meant for helping with problems, not socializing.

Overall, Livecraft should be the one of the most premium and entertaining Minecraft multiplayer experiences you can find. Your builds are secure, you are treated fairly as a member, and server problems can be taken care of nearly instantly.

We look forward to seeing you on Livecraft!


Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)